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LOOP Collection Loop Test Now
Testbed, archive configuration
This is an archive set up specifically to test the software associated with the creation, (possible) deletion, and configuration of collections. Especially avoiding inclusion loops?
Editor Notes Archive established April 4, 2016
  Paul Penfield, Jr.
April 18, 2016
Another note to update the tooltip
  Paul Penfield, Jr.
April 17, 2016
This starts a serious series of cereal. I want to try out introduction of archives, collections, and then objects. All the while I will try to fix what I discover is not working, and try to not break too many other things in the process.
  Paul Penfield, Jr.
April 4, 2016
This is a nonsense archive, created for the sole purpose of testing the software supporting the creation, destruction, and configuration of the set of Digital Collections enabled in Digital Archives. This includes testing to see whether loops are detected during either creation of a new collection or editing an existing collection. (These structures are *supposed* to be acyclic.

Privacy Policy. This archive protects the privacy of living people under the age of 100. Their names and information about them are redacted in pages available to the public (exceptions are made for names of informants and editors). Private pages may contain information about living people.
Permanence Policy. Internet addresses (URLs) of this archive and its objects will not be changed in the future, so they can be used reliably in links. If an object is ever deleted, its address will thenceforth lead to an explanation of what happened. On the other hand, collections can be redefined, reconfigured, or removed at any time; their URLs are not permanent unless specifically so indicated.
Access Policy. As far as is known, material on public pages in this archive is not subject to copyright restrictions unless so indicated. It is available to all, without charge, for any noncommercial purpose.
Request. If you notice any violation of an archive policy (particularly if you find copyrighted material here) please report the facts using the comment and inquiry form below.

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