Lory Family Genealogy
November 2015 Edition
  Ancestors and Descendants of Charles Bradford Lory (1934-2009)
  Descendants of Elizabeth (Halderman) Lory (1820-1873)
  Ancestors and Descendants of Charles Georg Hein Buehrig (1857-1940)
  Ancestors and Descendants of George Horstman (1854-ca 1913)
  Descendants of Skiles Fielding Montague (1933-2014)
  Descendants of Mary Watson, mother of William Watson (1852-1938)
  Descendants of John W. Peacock (1829-1911)

Lory-Penfield-Montague Family Roster
June 8, 2016
  Households with living family members (restricted access)

Digital Archives

This site hosts the following 7 Digital Archives:

logo5 Objects, 6 Collections Lory Family Photographs and Documents
Items about the Lory and related families including the Buehrig, Horstman, Sylvester, Watson, Montague, Schulte, Topp, Faulds, and Moinat families

logo0 Objects, 7 Collections Watson Homestead: Renovation Plans and Documents
Documents, photographs, and plans related to the renovation of the Watson Homestead in Northern Ontario

LOOP0 Objects, 20 Collections Collection Loop Test Now: Testbed, archive configuration
This is an archive set up specifically to test the software associated with the creation, (possible) deletion, and configuration of collections. Especially avoiding inclusion loops?

0 Objects, 1 Collection CSS ToolTip Test Archive with sets of tests planned
The CSS ToolTips are installed on Archive, Editor Notes, Collection, and Object pages in the footer. They will also be used in the lists if they work out and are reliable.

logo0 Objects, 0 Collections First Parish Church in Weston: Historical documents
Images of historical documents in the custody of the First Parish Church, some of which have never before been made available to the public.

logo0 Objects, 0 Collections Barbara Jean Buehrig (Lory) Penfield: (1936 - 2016)
Everything about the late Barbara Penfield, who was loved as a mother, wife, sister, and so forth. This archive is set up to honor her. All year long.

logo0 Objects, 12 Collections PenCot Heritage Photos: From the time of our ancestors